About Dragonfly Designs

​The shining depth of colour and luminescence of a dichroic glass pendant was the inspiration for the 
creation of Angela and Fred Sirrs' Dragonfly Designs in August 2006. 
 Fred has been creating and producing designs for glass and ceramics for over 20 years.  He brings an extensive knowledge of glass, fusing and polishing to the business. 
 Angela has developed her design skills through studies in drawing, painting and collage. To this she adds practical experience gained through course work in dichroic glass jewellery techniques.  
Angela’s passion for colour and design, coupled with Fred’s expertise in glass firing techniques, has led to a partnership that produces unique, striking, wearable works of art. 
 Applying a growing understanding of glass and different fusing techniques, Fred and Angela continue to broaden their exploration of the medium to include slumping and draping to create new glass designs that are both useful and decorative. 
In March 2011, they attended a full day workshop with Petra Kaiser, the developer of KL board, a product used in glass firing.  Fred and Angela are now applying their knowledge of this new tool to incorporate added dimensions of texture and shape to their work. 
In March 2012, Angela studied with Tanya Veit, a renowned glass artist and instructor in Cape Coral, Florida.  Angela is now exploring techniques of engraving, painting and layering as she develops new designs in her glass work.
 Work to be displayed for sale will include:

Jewellery – incorporating techniques of layering, engraving and painting
Functional Glass – draped vases, fused and slumped dishes, bowls and clocks
Wall Hangings – glass art incorporating cold and warm glass work 

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