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Dichroic Glass Pendants
Each of our luminescent glass pendants is a collage of vibrant dichroic and cathedral glass, arranged in a random or planned design and fused in a kiln.
Building on the technique of creating landscape pendants, framed work incorporates broader vistas suitable for hanging.
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Angela and Fred Sirrs
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Reminiscent of real or imagined oases, these miniature landscapes are created using multiple layers of glass which are then fused after each addition.  The resulting shades and tones represent the ever-changing beauty of the natural world.
These are smaller versions of our dichroic pendants.  The luminosity of the glass catches the light with each turn of your head!.
Techniques of fusing, slumping and draping are used to create functional and decorative glass works for the home or office.
These include serving dishes, vases and wall hangings.
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